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61 Ghosts – To The Edge

October 2017

I’ve had the great pleasure of listening to an outstanding three-piece rock/blues/ delta band called 61  Ghosts!  Their new album . . . “To The Edge,” is definitely to the edge, and in fact over it!  Featuring Joe Mazzari on vocals and guitar, Dixie Deadwood on drums, percussion, backup vocals and J.D. Sipe on bass they rock!  All music and lyrics were written by Joe and he sings them right.  For a three-piece band these guys have it way together.  Dixie just lays in that pocket on the drums, percussion and cool.  It’s a very satisfying CD from rock to blues, to acoustic, it’s fine listening!  Hailing from the great Northeast they have a few tons of Mississippi in them!  From the Boston rock scenes to cross this country, and Europe, Joe has made people love his vocals, songwriting, playing, and heart!  A great mix of acoustic and electric here.  Dixie has toured the world as well playing venues in the US, Europe and Africa.  Together they make you tap your toe and nod your head in approval.  Joe’s vocals are strong and to the point, and his songwriting doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.  61 Ghosts goes straight for the heart and hits it!  Go to www.bluzpik.com and check them out!  I sure have enjoyed them.  Take some time to check  them out.  One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.



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