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Barry’s Corner Blues Album Reviews

Willa Vincitore – Better Days

Willa Vincitore
I love a CD that just gets better and better the farther you get into it.  I think you just get caught up in the groove, and find yourself comfortable there.  That’s certainly the case with Willa Vincitore and her newest CD “Better Days.”  So here you go….www.willaandcompany.com  Willa is an ace singer/songwriter having honed her skills with the Chris O’Leary Band.  While there she did vocals for ...
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Joseph Veloz – Offerings CD Review – June, 2017

Joseph Veloz
Bass lovers rejoice!  Don’t get too many CD’s with the bass player being featured throughout.  That has all changed now.  Joseph Veloz new CD “Offerings” shows what a veteran, world-touring musician can do on bass.  With eight cuts, and three originals, Joseph steps out and nails several styles of excellent music.  Oh yea, a fourth song written with a little help from his friends.  The whole CD is...
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The Gordon Meier Blues Experience – Magic Kingdom 2017

Gordon Meier Blues Experience
Here’s a ton of old school blues that you won’t find in many places.  The Gordon Meier Blues Experience’s CD, “Magic Kingdom.”  Put that baby on, crank it up, instant party!  Gordon plays guitar on every track.  Lead, or rhythm, or something, and sings as well.  Joe Taino plays slide on two tracks, while monster harp player Dennis Gruenling blows up the place on five more tracks.  Tom Hammer plays...
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Contemporary Blues with Jim Allchin – “Decisions”

Jim Allchin2
Seattle super guitar player Jim Allchin has a new CD out called “DECISIONS.”  Your next decision should be how soon as I going to get a copy?  I doubt you can play as good as he can, so you might as well just sit down and listen.  With 14 original cuts, Jim not only writes, but sings, and plays guitar as good as anybody out there!  This new CD has two instrumentals that ae just world class.  Jim’s...
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Jon Zeeman’s latest effort is the “Blue Room”

Jon Zeeman
How about some great slow blues from a guy who can really play them, and a great band to back him up?  Jon Zeeman’s new CD “Blue Room,” is what you’re looking for.  Hunt it up and listen to some while you read this review.  Go to www.jonzeeman.com.  Hailing from South Florida Jon brings his special touch to the blues.  With a ten cut CD, and eight originals, he gets to really show-off what he and ...
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Beneath The Blood Moon – lay back with Jim Roberts & The Resonants

Jim Roberts 2
Like that good old Southern blues, slow slide, roots kinda’ blues?  Well here you go!  Jim Roberts and the Resonants have a new CD out called “Beneath the Blood Moon.”  It’s just what you are looking for.  Good old blues with lots of slide, two slide players actually on one cut.  Let’s add a cool band that doesn’t get in the way, and the house will rock.  Jim has been playing, singing, and wri...
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Andy T Band does a Double Strike

andy t
Looking for some good blues?  Starved for the real thing?  Well your search is over!  The Andy T Bands new “Double Strike” CD is your ticket to happiness!  Andy T, Andy Talamantez, has a great new CD out with Nick Nixon, & Anson Funderburgh, and newest addition Alabama Mike.  After playing and touring with Nick Nixon and Anson, Andy T and the boys played for about six solid years, and rele...
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Micki Free – Tattoo Burn Redux

MIcki Free
Oh my!  You gotta’ hear this!  Micki Free’s new CD “Tattoo Burn Redux” is out and it is killer!  Mcki Free is guitar monster in the flames of Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, and Santana!  That is huge company, but he can back it up!  Having played with Prince, Santana, Billy Gibbons, Bill Wyman, Cheap Trick, Shalamar, Diana Ross and Janet Jackson!  Gene Simmons of KISS discovered him years ago, a...
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Vintage #18 has GRIT!

Vintage 18
Here’s one you need to check out.  Vintage # 18’s new CD “GRIT.”  From the International Blues Challenge performance to their first CD, this band rocks!  Vocalist Robbin Kapsalas can kick the blues all over town with ease.  With a strong and powerful voice, she just lays it out there for you.  Born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta she knows how to sing!  Lead guitar player Bill Holter is as good a...
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TajMo – Taj Mahal & Keb Mo Bands

  April 2017 TajMo is a musical celebration from two iconic American bluesmen Taj Mahal and Keb Mo!  I know hard to believe.  Two-time Grammy Award Winner Taj Mahal has been one of my heroes since the 60’s!  In fact he’s the reason I started playing blues!  Three-time Grammy Award Winner Keb Mo has turned himself into a world-class bluesman with every new release.  This is exactly what ...
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