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Blues Cruise No. 7: Mighty Blue

October 20, 2019 Don't miss the last Blues Cruise of the season, featuring Mighty Blue! In August 2017, Mighty Blue won the Regional International Blues Challenge in East Tennessee, and in January 2018 travelled to Memphis to challenge over 200 bands from around the globe in the IBC finals. Playing for and competing with the world's top musicians was a thrilling achievement, and Mighty Blue has ...
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Blues Cruise No. 6: Jonny Monster Band and Filibilly

September 22, 2019 Jonny Monster Band Originally from the Hudson Valley in New York but now based out of Knoxville, TN, 2019 IBC semi-finalists, The Jonny Monster Band should not be missed! Jonny Monster's original mix of acoustic blues and hard dynamic electric guitar is like a runaway locomotive that steam into any venue. Having opened for greats like Johnny Winter, Lucky Peterson, and Booker ...
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Blues Cruise No. 5: DieDra and The Ruff Pro Band

August 18, 2019 Blues, Rock and Soul . . . Divafied Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, DieDra has been singing since she can remember. It was a God-given talent that has exploded into a gift that she shares with the world. DieDra was raised by her maternal grandfather, who wrote and sang songs in the church. DieDra was a part of the family singing group at the age of nine. As the lead singer,...
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Blues Cruise No. 4: Mojo Tweed

July 21, 2019 Come hang out with us and this awesome band playing some New Orleans Funk! These guys are a blast to watch and the music is awesome. It's one big jam session whenever they play! MOJO TWEED came together from a group of friends who like playing a variety of blues, funk and R&B . The name came from their desire to play through small tweed tube amps and to evoke Mojo or Voodoo. ...
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Blues Cruise No. 3: Bridget Kelly Band

June 30, 2019 The Bridget Kelly Band has been inspired by classic & electric blues, they have placed their unique stamp on the blues genre, with high-energy live performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas and Memphis Blues with various Southern Blues traditions. The powerful and sultry vocals of singer Bridget Kelly and the incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik forge a signature hybrid...
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Blues Cruise No. 2: Kara Grainger Band

May 19, 2019 Kara Grainger's music career began in a small suburban town of Sydney Australia and since then has taken her on an incredible journey throughout the globe.  Combining tasteful blues and slide guitar, soulful vocals and a heartfelt approach to songwriting,  Kara's truly unique sound will leave you uplifted, inspired and always wanting more. At the age of 16 Kara joined with her bro...
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Devan Jones & the Uptown Stomp kick off the 2019 Blues Cruise Season

Devan Jones & the Uptown Stomp will be starting the 2019 Blues Cruise season on April 28. Cruise along the Tennessee River (Loudon Lake) and enjoy listening to amazing blues music! Devan Jones brought the Uptown Stomp together as a band in early 2013. The primary sound started as Swangin' Blues, Ragtime and Jazz from the 1930s through the 1950s. While continuing to evolve, Devan Jones &a...
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Previous Shows of 2018 Blues Cruises

The James Armstrong Band started the 2018 Blues Cruises series on May 20. More than 130 guests cruised along the Tennessee River (Loudon Lake), enjoyed listening to the amazing blues music and danced vigorously for 3 hours. It was a great time to relax and breathe the fresh lake air and enjoy the company of likeminded blues aficionados. This is an event where you can mingle with some of the bes...
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