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Contemporary Blues with Jim Allchin – “Decisions”

Seattle super guitar player Jim Allchin has a new CD out called “DECISIONS.”  Your next decision should be how soon as I going to get a copy?  I doubt you can play as good as he can, so you might as well just sit down and listen.  With 14 original cuts, Jim not only writes, but sings, and plays guitar as good as anybody out there!  This new CD has two instrumentals that ae just world class.  Jim’s voice is a perfect reflection of his music, and his music is fabulous!  This is his third solo album and every one of them is better than the last.  Jim’s guitar skills are simply remarkable!  His songwriting comes from the soul, and from life lessons he’s learned.  Speaking of life’s lessons, they are the ones learned both the easy way and the hard way.  www.jimallchin.com should do it.  This CD is available on Amazon and ITunes as well.  It will be released on June 16, 2017.  You will not be disappointed.  Oh yeah, almost forgot.  The CD was produced by BMA and Grammy Winner Tom Hambridge in the Blackbird Studio in Nashville.  With 14 cuts, he also has about 14 stellar musicians sitting in on a track or two.  Let’s see…Kebo Mo’ does vocals on “Healing Ground”, well he trades off vocals with Jim.  We also have Reese Wynans on Hammond B3 and Piano.  Bill Bergman on saxophones and horn arrangements.  Helping out on some guitar is Pat Buchannan, Kenny Greenberg, and Rob McNelly.  This CD just has no weak spots.  There’s an acoustic piece in there just to keep you honest.  This is a top-flight CD.  Jim’s guitar work is unbelievable.  From slow blues, to boogie, to scorching, you can’t do this riffs, Jim gets to speak his mind musically and we’re all better off for it.  Jim describes the songs on this album as a study in the decisions we make in our lives.  If you decide to hear some great music, here it is.  Jim Allchin – “DECISIONS.”  Can’t go wrong.  You’ll be surprised!  Glad to be of help.  One love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.Jim Allchin

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