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The Gordon Meier Blues Experience – Magic Kingdom 2017

Here’s a ton of old school blues that you won’t find in many places.  The Gordon Meier Blues Experience’s CD, “Magic Kingdom.”  Put that baby on, crank it up, instant party!  Gordon plays guitar on every track.  Lead, or rhythm, or something, and sings as well.  Joe Taino plays slide on two tracks, while monster harp player Dennis Gruenling blows up the place on five more tracks.  Tom Hammer plays organ, Wurlitzer, and electric piano on three tracks.  From top to bottom it’s a house rocker.  Gordon loved Freddie King and Muddy, and Lightnin’ Hopkins, taking in lots of their fine playing to heart.  In the 70’s he discovered another monster in Magic Slim.  After chasing Slim down in Chicago they became friends for 30 years!  Playing together, playing apart, it was a mutual respect type of thing.  While playing together a lot of fine music rubbed off on Gordon.  John Primer played with Muddy for many years, and when Muddy died John went over to play with Magic Slim for the next 13 years.  Gordon had a new friend and mentor from another giant.  With a background like that you can see where the name “Magic Kingdom” came from.  With 12 cuts on the CD, and most of them long cuts, there is a ton and tone of old school blues to be found.  Dennis Gruenling on harmonica is his stellar self.  If you are a harp player, learn something from him.  These guys don’t fool around.  It’s pedal to the metal covering not only their own songs, but blues classics as well.  Great guitar, hard vocals, wonderful slide, and fabulous harmonica.  The band is killer!  They cover songs from John Primer, Howling’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Freddie King, Muddy Waters, Johnny Otis and Jimmy Rogers.  If you are a guitar player here is a motherlode of licks to be learned.  No fooling around.  Blues from the first note to the last.  Like I said.  Put it on, crank it up, instant party!  Why not go to www.Gordonmeirbluesexperience.squarespace.com and check it out.  Available through CD Baby and Amazon, be the first one on your block to blow the house off its foundation.  Sound level loud, blues experience large, enjoyment far out there.  This sure was fun.   One love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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