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John Latini – The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good

John LatiniLet’s talk about John Latini’s new CD “The Blues Just Make Me Feel Good” for a moment.  Wow!  Way more than it appears after the first hear.  When I review a CD I never read the credits, or info provided, I just want to hear it and see if I like it.  Well after 20 plays this one knocks me out.  John has perfected the art of laying-off.  Which means he doesn’t beat you over the head with his guitar.

I’ll always read the credits later after listening.   I finally got around to reading about John.  Say what?  John is a 3-time solo Detroit Blues Challenge Champion!  He has also won songwriting awards, and 2 film music awards for his compositions and recordings!  John wrote 11 of the 13 cuts on this CD, his first full length release.  It’s the package too.  Great voice, slow and easy, complimenting his outstanding guitar work on every cut.  His rhythm guitar work is on the money, and his lead licks are the envy of many I’m sure!  Smooth, clean, bluesy, just right.

A very enjoyable CD to just sit down and listen to.  The title cut, also the name of the CD, “The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good” tells a family story.  An ointment on my cuts and bruises!  John said that, not me.  Nolan Mendenhall helps on vocals, bass and percussion.  Brian Roscoe White percussion and guitar, and Todd Glass on drums round out the band.  With about eight guests sitting in you also have some wonderful horn work!  Trumpet, saxophone, and trombone chiming in right on time!

I think the farther the CD goes the better it gets.  I have really enjoyed it.  I think you will too.  John Latini.  The real deal.  www.SmokinSleddogRecords.com is a good place to start.  “The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good,” well me too.  Thanks John, the guys in the band, and special friends.  Great voice, wonderful guitar, a real blues family heirloom!

One love,
blue barry

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