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Joseph Veloz – Offerings CD Review – June, 2017

Bass lovers rejoice!  Don’t get too many CD’s with the bass player being featured throughout.  That has all changed now.  Joseph Veloz new CD “Offerings” shows what a veteran, world-touring musician can do on bass.  With eight cuts, and three originals, Joseph steps out and nails several styles of excellent music.  Oh yea, a fourth song written with a little help from his friends.  The whole CD is done with some help from his friends.  Ace guitarists Dylan Dunbar, Erich Goebel, Shawn Kellerman, and Greg Nagy play a ton of great stuff!  Shawn plays on six of the eight cuts, and throws in some fat slide too!  With horns, keyboards, and groove, Joseph shows the versatility a modern bassman needs to have.  Joseph has toured the United States, as well as Sweden, Russia, and most of France!  This is a real test of a bassman hanging with several different musicians and styles, and Joseph is right there!  No wonder though.  He has played with Lucky Peterson, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Mississippi Heat, James Armstrong, Joanne Shaw Taylor and more.  His playing is effortless, and sweet.  No lead bass, just what is needed.  The slow and medium grooves are just wonderful.  Allowing other instruments to fill in the good spots.  Every song but one, is four to five minutes long, and fills the requirement of good music.  www.jmveloz.com is the place to find this CD.  Go see what you can find.  If you’re a bassplayer you can pick up some great stuff here.  As a listener, you will be happy.  The more you listen, the more you hear.  Having a great time, and hope you will too.  Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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