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Lew Jetton & 61 South – Palestine Blues

Some folks like happy blues, tired blues, soft blues, fancy blues, well here’s one that’s HARD BLUES!  Lew Jetton & 61 South’s new CD “Palestine Blues” will hit you in the forehead like a sixteen-pound hammer!  This is Lew’s follow up CD “Rain,” which garnered acclaim in 2016 spending more than six months on the Roots Music Contemporary Blues charts, finishing #36 out of the top 200 releases.  Palestine Blues is hard hitting, wide-open, in your face from the opening lick, unapologetic blues!  With just a three-piece band, and J.D. Wilkes on harp these guys cut through the bullshit straight to the hardcore blues!  No prisoners are taken and everybody is held accountable!  Lew wrote all ten songs and they reflect some of the really hard times he has endured on this path he has chosen.  From drugs, to alcohol, to Jesus, to mercy, backed up by depression and joblessness, he doesn’t hold back.  This CD is the real thing, from a real man, and a great vocalist and guitar player.  Nothing fancy here.  Just right-on hard blues.  Tough, really tough words.  Lew exposes his soul and hard times for all to see, and get that baggage out of here!  Just about every blues story that has been told is reminisced right here!  Beautiful guitar work, fabulous slow blues, real life stories, it’s all here.  Lew has come clean on this one.  He doesn’t hold back on the nice side of life that have escaped him for years.  You can feel this one in your bones.  I dare you to listen to it and not be moved.  www.61south.com  Something you haven’t heard in a while.  He doesn’t apologize and I don’t either.  Find it and listen.  REAL BLUES!  Whew!  “Have mercy for what I did and did not do!”  “The devil’s grip is hard to break.”  Enjoy it’s for real…… blue barry – smoky mountain blues society.

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