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Peter V Blues Train – Shaken But Not Deterred

November 2018

While you’re reading this review why not go to www.petervbluestrain and see what you can listen to.  Talk about some great blues, here you are!  Peter V Blues Train – Shaken but Not Deterred is out and kicking it up a notch!  Peter V is Peter Veteska from Manhattan, New York.  Peter started playing guitar as a kid stealing chops from Derek and the Domino’s and the Allman Brothers!  Not a bad start!  He got his first paying gig at age 15, and is now way up on top of the Blues list for great bands.  This is one of the best CD’s I have reviewed this summer, and fall!  With 13 cuts and eight originals Peter V not only sings his butt off and write great stuff, but plays some flat-out hardcore guitar!  His band includes Alex D’Agnese on drums with Sean “Gravey” Graverson playing bass and Aron Gornish on keys.  Plus a little help from his friends Jeff Levine on B3, and Danny Walsh on saxophone. These guys play some killer blues, jazz, funk, and bring some great music to us just before the Holidays! This is their fourth release and it is killer!  Every member of the band can really play, and it’s pretty much been unchanged for the last five years. Peter has settled in on this blues thing and has done a fabulous job!  I’ve listened to this CD so many times I can sing the songs. There’s a little of everything on here from flat out acoustic blues to wide open pedal to the metal knock you out grinders.  Shuffles, great solos by his band, and just the right amount of good stuff!  With 13 cuts Peter V Blues Train gets to unload on us, and we give thanks!  You can get your copy from Amazon, CD Baby, ITunes, and can look him up on youtube.  Well worth your time. Great keys, saxophone, guitar work, everything good.  A strong CD with a great mix of originals and covers of some fine classics as well.  A great present for yourself, or someone else.  Peter V Blues Train – Shaken but Not Deterred.  Enjoy, Blue Barry

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