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Peter V Blues Train – Shaken But Not Deterred

November 2018 While you’re reading this review why not go to www.petervbluestrain and see what you can listen to.  Talk about some great blues, here you are!  Peter V Blues Train – Shaken but Not Deterred is out and kicking it up a notch!  Peter V is Peter Veteska from Manhattan, New York.  Peter started playing guitar as a kid stealing chops from Derek and the Domino’s and the Allman Brothers!  ...
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Peter V Blues Train – Running Out of Time

May 2018 The Peter V Blues Train is on the tracks and you better look out! Their new CD “Running Out of Time” is out, and with eleven cuts they lay down the law! Peter Veteska, aka Peter V, started playing guitar when he scored one out of a pawnshop at age 12! Hailing from Jamaica Queens, he has an awesome four-piece band that blasts on down the tracks. He played his first gig at age fifteen. Got...
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