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The Rex Granite Band

January 2018

The 2018 International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee will take place again this year in January. The Rex Granite Band with Sarah Benck will be there! Their new CD “Spirit/Matter/Truth/Lies” will give you a taste of their brand of blues! They will be representing Nebraska at the IBC Band Competition after winning the “Best “Blues” award to gain that honor. This is a powerhouse blues band with an excellent slide player, and a vocalist that will rock your world! Sarah Benck sings vocals, and plays guitars, and she can lay down the law! Rex Granite plays some beautiful slide and together with Anton Divis on drums and James Carrig on bass, they unleash a whirlwind of sound! The slidework isn’t like a lot of noise, and on yea, I got a slide. It is precision stuff that just slides you right into their groove. Sarah Benck has a great voice and she compliments everything being done with sweetness and passion. With nine original tunes, and a cool version of a Percy Mayfield song, they are going to do well! They also have a few friends sitting in. Daniel Crawford on piano, Michael Gurciullo on trumpet, Lou DeLuca on harp, Bucky McCannon sax and guest drummer on several tracks, Doug Montera they have a wonderful sound! The CD is called “Spirit/Matter/Truth/Lies” and it covers that perspective. Everything from slow blues, to house rockers, to train songs, to just “Sail Away” it good stuff! A great way to start the new year with The Rex Granite Band! Go get ‘em! Glad to be of help. Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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