Willie Jackson

May 2018

My God what a find! Real blues here in 2018! Check out Willie Jackson’s “Chosen by the Blues” CD! Real old school, harp and old-style blues, no tube screamers or fancy stuff just real blues! Willie is from Savannah, Georgia, and has certainly paid his blues dues! Starting out in church where he sang and played drums, he moved to songwriting and bass playing after an accident in 2009. Playing tons of venues in the Coastal Empire with a three-piece to five-piece band, he is a local legend. Well it’s time to get the word out, this guy is for real! With this new CD he features six original tunes with a wonderful band. Ace Anderson, playing harmonica, just nails it with classic lips, and does so right on the money! Jon Willie plays bass on all tracks while Dillon Young blows it up on lead guitar. Paxton Eugene is featured on drums, and the band is great. Nobody gets in the way, it’s just right. Willie sings his heart out and, his songwriting hits the spot. He sings of life, hard times, women, can’t go back over there, all of the blues main components. This CD could have been done in 1950, but it’s brand new! This is a throwback to the old blues we cut our teeth on. From top to bottom just great and easy listening. If you are a harp player, here’s some stuff to learn some great new licks from. All lyrics and arrangements are by Willie. Willie knocks it out of the park with this six-song CD! Just wonderful. I love it. One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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