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Vintage #18 has GRIT!

Here’s one you need to check out.  Vintage # 18’s new CD “GRIT.”  From the International Blues Challenge performance to their first CD, this band rocks!  Vocalist Robbin Kapsalas can kick the blues all over town with ease.  With a strong and powerful voice, she just lays it out there for you.  Born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta she knows how to sing!  Lead guitar player Bill Holter is as good and solid as anybody I have ever heard.  This guy is a real veteran, and can play anything from jazz, to rock to blues.   His chops are so is tasty the CD will require several listens to even hear what he does.  Not only can he scorch, but he can lay off with the best.  That’s what makes a good guitarist in my book.  This four-piece band is just excellent.  Alex Kuldell on drums is magnificent.  No lead drums, just the right stuff.  He makes you pay attention to him.  Mark Chandler plays bass, and sometimes keyboards, and has that jazz, rock, and now blues roots to his tree.  Never getting in the way, but keeping everyone honest.  This four-piece band is excellent.  From soft sweet sing only for you, to wide open guitar blasts from the master these guys have it down.  Hailing from the Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia areas, they are for real.  Robbin Kapsalis can hold your attention with her sultry voice.  Bill on guitar will make you shake your head in amazement!  There are nine originals out of eleven tunes on the CD.  Songs range from about 3 minutes to over 8 minutes.  Plenty enough time to let you get into that groove. will get you there.  The vocals are clean and crisp, the guitar work, rhythm and lead, are outrageous.  You wish your band was this good.  Less is more.  Enjoy at your extreme leisure.  I can see why they are a sought after band, and every member a true artist!  Glad to be of service.  Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

April 2017

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