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Popa Chubby “Two Dogs”

October 2017

If you know Popa Chubby you know hard-driving blues and rock.  Wide open, foot on the gas.  This new album “Two Dogs,” Popa really stretches out.  With twelve cuts, all made from his home in New York, Popa brings everything from boogie music to the Rolling Stones, right back to Two Dogs!  Ace long-time friend and drummer Dave Keyes shines like the sun!  Popas’  daughter, Tipitina, plays trumpet, and drummer Sam “Freightrain” Bryant keeps them all honest.  Now Popa don’t just sing and play outstanding guitar.  He plays bass on several cuts and percussion on all tracks!  This is a little bit of everything.  Fast, slow, wide-open, pensive, time-traveling good stuff.  With two bonus live cuts, one of them “Sympathy For The Devil,” he really has some fun! will get you there.  There are several songs over six minutes, and the last one is almost ten minutes long.  I like that.  Ain’t no doubt where the musician is to hold that building up!  Two Dogs refers to the meaning of the CD.  Popa says we got Two Dogs in us.  Two Dogs are heading toward the same food bowl.  One is evil and one is good.  One is white, and one is black, both trained to attack. The one we feed is the one that lives.  Everything is a choice, and we got to thrive somehow.   One is night and one is day.  One is filled with love, and the other with treachery and treason.  Bad dog don’t get no bone, don’t get no love.  Take the good path my friends, no matter what kind of dog you are!  Great horns and wah-wah on the title cut Two Dogs.  Lots of good music here.  Thirteen cuts and most of them long.  A lot of time to get to know Popa Chubby.  Go ahead, I dare ya’!  One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.



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