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GHALIA & Mama’s Boys – Let The Demons Out

January 2018

Ghalia & Mama’s Boys newest CD “Let the Demons Out” is going to change a lot of perspective! Ghalia Vauthier is from Brussels! She started out busking on her hometown streets, and worked her way to the good old USA. She did the traveling thing too. Visiting Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Mississippi, but Louisiana is where she found a home! One of Europe’s ace, top vocalists she ran into Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys in Louisiana and the sparks began to fly. Right now it’s an out of control fire that puts a burn on everyone who hears them! Her voice is just effortless yet powerful, and she commands the attention of every listener! She doesn’t fool around, going for the jugular on every song. Playing guitar as well, she is the package! Then again Johnny Mastro on harmonica and vocals is simply masterful. His harmonica work is just outstanding! His haunting harmonica on the song “Addiction” will change your perspective on harp playing. My favorite tune by the way. Smokehouse Brown also adds his fabulous, sultry to boogie, to wide open guitar, and backing vocals, while Rob Lee does drums and percussion. Dean Zucchero fills out the band on bass. Together they bring what they call a “balance between traditional and progressive” blues. I like it! I continue to brag about the ace guitar work by Smokehouse Brown. I think you’ll like this. Surprisingly good. Great mix of European and American blues. Simply beyond blues, and harmonica that I bet you can’t duplicate. Soft, sweet, hard rocking rhythm and blues from Brussels to Louisiana, guaranteeing a Happy New Year. Better check them out! “Let The Demons Out” is the name of the CD. Twelve cuts, full length, wide as the ocean, from Ghalia & Mama’s Boys. Go get you one! One love, blue barry – smoky mountain blues society.

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