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Kid Ramos – Old School

May 2018

It’s been 17 years since Kid Ramos came out with a new CD. Life has gotten in the way since his 2001 release of “Greasy Kids Stuff.” But, he hasn’t missed a lick. This CD was made at Big Jon Atkinson’s home studio in Hayward, California using all analog equipment, done live on two tracks with old vintage microphones.

The CD features Kedar Roy on bass, Marty Dobson on drums, Bob Welsh on piano and organ, Danny Michael on 2nd guitar with Johnny Tucker on vocals. Oh yea, Kim Wilson does vocals on one cut as well! Kid Ramos just rocks it with great vocals and hot guitar work. We sure have missed him, and are glad he is back on the scene, and with such fine musicians. It’s great to hear Danny Michael on guitar, and Big Jon on vocals. This CD features thirteen cuts, and it really shows some hard earned, great blues! Kid Ramos still has it. No doubt about that! If you loved him before, you’ll love him now as well. You can get this CD on, ITunes, and no doubt stores near you. It’s on Rip Cat Records and is distributed by City Hall records. Welcome back Kid Ramos! We’ve missed you!

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