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Boz Skaggs – Out of The Blues

June 2018

Every once in a while you hear a magical name reappear and you say “What?  Well all right!  Thank you!”  It just happened when I got a copy of the new Boz Skaggs CD “Out of The Blues,” to review! 

Boz Skaggs has been around for five decades now, and so have I, and he’s back and strong as ever, and back into the blues!  I remember when he did “Buddy Can You Loan Me a Dime” way back in the day, and it remains one of my favorite songs of all time. 

Boz Skaggs was born in Ohio, but was raised in Texas and Oklahoma.  Listening to songs in the 50’s that his parents liked, he soon found Elvis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and Little Richard.  Listening to the radio from far away Nashville and Chicago his musical perspective grew to where he had to play himself.  As I kid outside of Philly I can remember picking up WLS out of Chicago and did the same thing!  I’ll never forget it. 

Back to “Out of The Blues,” we have nine cuts, with most of them written by long time friend, and ace harmonica, player Jack Walroth.  Included bonus tracks there are seven songs by Jack, and one that Boz co-wrote with him.  This is a wonderful CD. 

Boz hasn’t lost a thing.  His rhythm guitar work, and excellent vocals are just outstanding! His voice still penetrates right to the heart of the song and brings the message straight home. As if that’s not enough he has phenomenal guitarists playing with him as well. Doyle Bramhall II, Ray Parker Jr, and Charlie Sexton switch out for some beautiful licks! The whole CD is paced just right, and a few cuts are just unforgettable!

Top to bottom if you don’t like this one we ain’t friends! Boz has been everywhere and played with everyone over the years, and has settled down from the road and tours. Well, so to speak. With this new CD he’s got a tour all over the country coming up very soon.So here comes some changes from the cool studio stuff he has been doing. Lately he has been delving into jazz including the jazz standards collections, “But Beautiful and Speak Low,” which topped the Billboard Jazz Charts at #1!His “Memphis” and “A Fool to Care” have landed him on the Billboard Blues charts at #1 as well! should get you there.  Release date is July 27th.  Just a heads up for anyone who loves the real thing from a polished, veteran blues master who just happens to have an absolute star-studded band.  Go get ‘em Boz!   We love ya’, and thanks!  One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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