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Matty Wall – Sidewinder

CD Review – June 2018

By Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain blues Society

What’s with these guys from Australia?  I have heard some outrageous blues come from the Land Down Under lately! 

Matty Wall and his band are the latest example!  Good Lord people, Matty Wall can play some guitar, sing and write!  His new CD “Sidewinder,” is a glorious twelve cut bomb waiting to explode in your head!  Matty wrote eight of the cuts, and it is just outstanding! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a band that can start out like a rocket from Cape Canaveral, and go to a soft beautiful tune, and make it work, while doing both well.   The range and scope of this band is something else.  They can do anything!  Deli Rowe on backup vocals is outstanding, and Matty’s vocals are clear, clean, strong, and hit the spot!  The guitarwork is extra fine.  Crazy good in fact!  This CD was produced by Bob Clearmountain of Rolling Stones, Bruce, Springsteen, and David Bowie Fame!  

The recording is ace first quality!  Matty can launch that guitar into outer space and return with a beautiful ballad on the next song.  This is a very impressive CD not only musically, by songwriting as well, and put together in the right order.  Beautiful cover as well, and an insert with the words to every song! is the key to your highway here.  Jonas Petersen lays some beautiful strings in there, while Steve Searle on horns surprises you with good taste and the right moment!  Gordon Cant, oh yes he CAN!, on organ, Ric Whittle on drums, and Stephen Walker on bass fill out this outstanding band. 

This is an amazing CD!  With a Sam Cooke cover thrown in as well!  If you’re not amazed by this Australian guitarist, and his outrageously good band, you need to go to bed and wake up again.  I’m glad there is such great quality music out there!  Please enjoy at your extreme leisure, over and over again.  Glad to be of help.  One Love, Blue Barry – Smoky Mountain Blues Society.

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