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Russ Green – City Soul

June 2018

Well there’s a new River Monster in the big Blues Pond and it’s Russ Green! 

His new CD “City Soul,” is simply outrageous!  Born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, Russ left town, only to return and find he was a harmonica player!  He loved Hendrix, but couldn’t afford a guitar.  So he picked up a harp.  After being discharged from the Army, and attending Illinois University in Carbondale his life changed dramatically.  He heard about Sugar Blue in Chicago and went to hear him.  Changed his life!  Here’s a guy who plays harmonica like Jimi played guitar!  That was all it took. 

He moved to Seattle only to return to Chicago, and he looked up Sugar Blue this time.  He also found Billy Branch, and the blues train hit the tracks!    He has played on many TV shows, and has played or recorded with John Primer, and Lurrie Bell.  He’s played the Chicago Blues Festival, Gloucester Blues Festival, and the San Francisco Blues Festival, along with others. 

His beautiful baritone voice is wonderful, yet soft, it makes for some powerful listening.  His harmonica playing is stratospheric, and melodic as well.   He also has that hardcore blues sound.  Sometimes you wonder when he even takes a breath!  He opens up with a Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker type tune, to show that he can, and a little later goes full Hendrix on the harp.  He also has Eric Bibb sitting in on vocals on one tune.   Now we’re talking!  “Going Down South,” with Eric Bibb is really cool.  Eric sings and plays acoustic guitar on this one.  Nine out of the ten tunes are written by Russ!  He also dedicates the CD to his Grandfather, Shellie Green, Sr. 

As he says, “The greatest man I ever met!”  Thanks Russ.  Respect!  If you are a harp player, you need this one just to see that there are no limits to what you can do.  You probably can’t play like this, but he can.  Check it out at  His top notch band includes slide player Vince Agwada, Guitarist Giles Corey, Marvin Little on bass, and Ricky Nelson on drums.   Joe Munroe plays some strong Hammond B3, and of course there’s Eric Bibb on one cut!  Russ Green can sing, play and write some good stuff guys!  So check it out!  Very enjoyable!  I HOPE HE COMES TO YOUR TOWN.  One Love, Blue Barry Faust – Smoky Mountain Blues Society. 

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