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Barbara Bush – Fish in Dirty H20

September 2018

Here we go!  Knockout CD of the Summer!  Barbara Blue and her new CD “Fish in Dirty H2O,” is out and it is fabulous!  Barbara is better known in Tennessee as the reigning Queen of Beale Street.  She is certainly that!  With an absolutely killer band, and seven original tunes on a 13 cut CD, she has split the world wide open!  From the opening moan to the last word this is simply a stellar blues CD.  If you don’t like this, we ain’t friends!

Her voice is worldwide.  Having traveled the USA and Australia five times and multiple International festivals she is for real!  A great big voice wide as a 10-lane highway driving the blues right into your town!  Barbara Blue sings effortlessly with compassion, love, and the real blues in her heart.  With so many cuts you get to hear Blues, Soul, R&B, even a little Hip Hop and Americana.

As a Pittsburgh native she has traveled the good ole USA in her quest for where she is today!  She was asked one day when she started singing.  She replied, “since the day I was born!”  I believe it.  Her blues are strong and will bowl you over!  The guitar and slide work are just right.  In fact, every musician on here is a tremendous player, and this CD just, drips good music because of it!

She has taken her blues to Phoenix, Detroit, back to Pittsburgh, and has settled down in Memphis, Tennessee.  Well it seems.  I’m not sure she has any limits.  From playing in church, to the stage and teaching herself guitar along the way, she has been playing in Memphis for 21 years now!  Fact is she has been playing at Silky O’Sullivan’s at 183 Beale Street for those 21 years.  I’m, talking five nights a week!  She’s been on 13 Ultimate Rhythm and Blues Cruises, and has a Brass note on the Beale Street Walk of Fame.  I don’t think there’s anyone out there in the blues world today that she hasn’t played with on stage, knows, or has spent time with.

Barbara Blue – Fish in Dirty H2O.  I’m telling you, better check into it.  Her slow blues are outrageous!  Just good stuff from top to bottom! should get you there.  Barbara and her band are so hot I hope they don’t charge her with global warming!  Glad to be of help.  One Love, Blue Barry

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