Smoky Mountain Blues Society Presents

Smoky Mountain Blues Showcase


Watch it again at your leisure.

On Sunday September 13, at the Open Chord The Smoky Mountain Blues Society will be hosted an online event starting at 4 PM. It will be a showcase of some of the local bands who signed up to compete in the IBC this year! Unfortunately, the IBC has been cancelled, but these musicians are still able to reflect the best blues East Tennessee has to offer. 

Levi Cadle and Caleb Carney will each perform a solo set. Then our youth band, Bonfire Blue will perform a set. The Blues Machine and Tangled In Blues will round out the evening. No judging, just local musicians coming together to bring you their brand of the Blues!

Tune in, beginning at 4 PM, for this free live streaming! Details on how to view this event will be posted the morning of the event on the Open Chord website.  This event will be available on both Open Chord’s Facebook page and Youtube.

No one other than the bands will be admitted to the Open Chord.  Help support local live music.  The event is free but tips will be gratefully accepted.

The approximate start times for the acts are as follows:

Caleb Carney                    4:00 PM

Levi Cadle                        4:40 PM

Bonfire Blue                     5:20 PM

The Blues Machine           6:05 PM

Tangled In Blues               6:50 PM

Thanks again for helping keep the Blues alive in East Tennessee!

Message from SMBS President

Letter from the President

September 2, 2020

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Blues,

We hope this finds you well, and in good spirits!

The Smoky Mountain Blues Society Board has been hard at work finding ways to keep our Members informed and engaged.  I’m sorry to say that we’re still in this pickle of COVID-19, which has done it’s best to keep us away from each other and live music.  But we are adapting and on the job!

We are sorry to announce that we recently received word that the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (2021) has officially been cancelled.  The announcement from the Blues Foundation, in part, reads:

From the desk of Michael Freeman

“Dear Blues Friends,

This past weekend, as I presided over the quarterly meeting of the Blues Foundation Board of Directors, one of our key agenda items was The International Blues Challenge. I am writing to share with our blues community that our Board voted unanimously to cancel this years’ IBC and look ahead to the first quarter of 2022 when we can hopefully come together in person to celebrate the blues via this signature Blues Foundation event.”

So instead, we decided to hold a Smoky Mountain Blues Showcase on September 13th, comprised of the following musicians/bands:

·      The Blues Machine

·      Tangled in Blues

·      Caleb Carney

·      Levi Cadle

·      Bonfire Blue (Youth Band, playing for Exhibition)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be a limited number of people at the Open Chord.  This is why it will be an online streaming event.  Your health is our concern.  Please see more details on our Events on Facebook.

Our SMBS Board elections will be held on Monday September 14th.  We will announce the results shortly after the elections.  We are always looking for more volunteers to help us do what we do best, bring the Blues to Youz!

Another project we’ve been working on is our SMBS Website.  In an effort to bring it up to date, it is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. However, we want to get it up and running as soon as possible!  We are working toward an exciting, entertaining website for your pleasure. Until then, please stay informed through our Facebook Page.  Thank you for your patience!

As for “SMBS-Sponsored” live events, we are tracking COVID and will bring the music back as soon as we safely can.  Please keep your eyes peeled for shared events, streaming local Blues artists, and soak it up however you can!  Please continue to support our local musicians.

Keeping the Blues Alive in East Tennessee!

Don Linde, President

Smoky Mountain Blues Society