Letter to our SMBS Membership

Dear Friends of the Blues,

We hope this finds you all in good spirits and good health!

The SMBS Board held its Annual Elections on September 14, 2020. Here are
the results:

President: Michael James

Vice President: Tom Hurwitz

Secretary: Marilyn Finley

Treasurer: Polly Doka

Also, the nomination of Alice Woody was accepted unanimously as a member of
the Board at Large.

It’s been a great pleasure to serve on the SMBS Board for over 6 years. It
has always been my goal to promote the SMBS mission of bringing quality
Blues to East Tennessee. However, after long and careful consideration, I
have decided to step away from the Board as of September 30th (the end of
my term). I greatly appreciate the support of our Board, and of the SMBS
Membership during my tenure. I have had a wonderful time serving you. My
wife, Sandy, and I have many great memories that will last a lifetime. And
mostly, we have made some of our closest friendships through the SMBS! Of
course, we will remain active in the SMBS. Afterall, you just can’t leave
the Blues; it’s in your soul!

All the best,

Don Linde, President

Smoky Mountain Blues Society