Knoxville Area Blues Jams

Knoxville and its surrounding counties has a number of venues to visit if you love blues jams. These events feature a cornucopia of skilled musicians, singers and a throng of fans. The blues is a fantastic genre for artists to form impromptu sessions that always thrill the audience. If you are a blues artist, or an aficionado, these are the places you need to go. If you are a student of the style, this is your chance to get your feet wet, the opportunity  to sit-in and experience what it’s like to be ensemble with a band. These blues jams have been a big contribution to the vibrant Knoxville music scene.


Tuesday Night Blues Jam at Roger’s Place

Tuesday at 8:30 PM at Roger’s Place

Open Chord Blues Jam with Mystic Rhythm

Open Chord Blues Jam with Mystic Rhythm

The third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Open Chord

Blues Jam at Red Silo Brewing Cookeville

Wednesday at 8:00 PM at Half Time Sports Bar Cookeville

Blues Jam at Brackins

Wednesday at 8:00 PM at Brackins Blues Club